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Çanakkale Recovery Project Start Up

Increasing the life quality of Çanakkale and its inhabitants, ensuring its continuity, creating a healthy, safe and conscious city with long-term goals will be our biggest and most meaningful legacy to be left to the future. With the introduction of the Landfill Site built within the scope of the Canakkale Regional Solid Waste Management Project. The main goal of ÇABAB, raising the awareness of the city dwellers about waste and ensuring the effective implementation of recycling in the project basin by activating the packaging waste collection-separation facility, was initiated with the study conducted in Esenler District, which was selected as a pilot. In addition to the students of the Community, many women living in the neighborhood participated. The practice, which was started as a pilot in Esenler District, will start to be implemented in other neighborhoods and schools in time, and we will change our garbage collection habits from now on. We are here for the most important project of solid waste management, Gökhan at the introductory meeting of the project, in which Mayor Gökhan also attended. Within the scope of the project, we closed our old storage area and established our new storage area that works modern. In order to use our regular storage area, which is an important and serious investment for the city, for a long time, our household wastes and recyclable plastic, glass, paper and metal wastes are collected separately, collected separately and reused. We need to realize the processes of bringing it into the economy. For this reason, we need to explain these to the people of the city and make the project owned. Because our landfill also has a filling life. In order to prolong this period and not need new storage areas for many years, we all have important duties now. Within the scope of the works that started in Esenler District as the pilot region, the students of the Environmental Community of our University will also go from house to house and inform you about this issue. In addition, we aim to bring this habit to the city through press and information meetings. I believe that everyone living in all districts and towns that have partnered with the project will give great support to these educational activities and practices and make a great contribution to the success of the project.

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