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Hazardous Waste Management

Under the Turkish Environmental Law, the Regulation on Solid Waste Control came into force in 1991. After we became a party to the International Basel Convention (concerning the transport and control of hazardous wastes across borders) in 1994, the Hazardous Wastes Control Regulation was published in the Official Gazette dated 14.03.2005 and numbered 25755, but within the harmonization process with the European Union, It has been revised based on the directives. T.R. Within the scope of the Hazardous Waste Control Regulation published by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, our company has obtained a Hazardous Waste Transportation License. According to the regulation, hazardous wastes should be collected separately by the waste producer under the conditions defined in the legislation and it should be ensured that they are sent to recycling facilities licensed in this regard by licensed transportation vehicles. At this stage, Atkasan A.Ş. provides services in line with the needs with licensed hazardous waste transportation vehicles.

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