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Packaging Waste Management

Within the scope of the Packaging Waste Control Regulation published by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, our company operates with the environmental licenses it has obtained from the Packaging Waste Collection - Separation Facilities in Manisa and Izmir.
Atkasan A.Ş., in accordance with the Packaging Waste Control Regulation, works with many municipalities to collect packaging waste separately at the source. In this context, packaging waste; It is collected separately from sources such as residences, schools, hospitals, workplaces, industrial establishments and other wastes and is transported to our licensed facilities with specially clad "Packaging Waste Collection Vehicles" prepared for this project. Mixed packaging wastes coming to our licensed facilities are classified according to their types, paper-cardboards are crushed and pressed, plastic, composite and metal wastes are directly pressed and all wastes are made ready for sale after the glass wastes are stored properly.
Our group company, Selkasan A.Ş., produces an average of 180,000 tons of paper / cardboard waste annually. by Selkasan A.Ş. The paper produced by our group company Kaplamin A.Ş. , Ova Oluklu and Yalova Packaging are recycled into boxes. Packaging wastes collected other than paper / cardboard are sent to licensed recycling companies and recycled to the economy.
Municipalities with separate collection projects conducted outside sources, many industrial companies in Turkey, directly to specialist staff matters in accordance with the evaluation of packaging waste and are served with meticulous approach to work. "

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