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Our sector by producing products and services in all areas we operate in (Paper Production-Packaging Production-Waste Management),
Our customers, by ensuring the continuity of our product and service quality with an innovative and customer-oriented approach,
With the support of our group, our industry experience, our competent human resources, we reach our strategic goals and our stakeholders,
By fulfilling the national and international applicable conditions and legal requirements covering our activities, our country,
By taking measures to reduce the risks that may cause work accidents and occupational diseases, by creating a healthy and safe working environment with all our employees,
By turning to renewable energy sources in order to reduce the use of natural resources and energy consumption, our world
Our environment, by preventing pollution and protecting the environment with our waste energy use, greenhouse gas emission and waste reduction projects,
We are committed to meeting their needs and expectations and to continuously improving our performance with the trainings we provide in every subject.

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